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Are you ready to “go outside”?

#LocaloreLive presents a fantastic opportunity for mission-focused independent producers to reimagine ways to make story “with and for the people.” This June, AIR will award micro-grants of $15,000 to $40,000 each to three to ten makers who pitch the most compelling ideas for bringing new innovation to an essential platform—the physical space of communities.

We believe that in times of division and disparity, local community centers, faith-based organizations, public media stations, arts groups, and (extra)ordinary, civic-minded people have an important role. Storymakers have a new call to leadership to work with willing collaborators to bring new insight to people living across a neighborhood or region—to enlighten those living in one corner of a community to “worlds just up the road.”

We invite you to lead us into microcosms of community in ways that will surprise, inspire, and delight us. The #LocaloreLive events, guided by public service ideals, will continue the tradition of AIR’s previous Localore productions, illuminating the rich diversity of our nation and expanding our understanding of what makes up America today.

Application process opens April 17, 2018 and closes May 6, 2018 at midnight (PT).

Read on. Register. And send us your best idea yet.